Vacant Seats

We are an extremely friendly group and always welcome new members, particularly string and brass players, although we do also have occasional vacancies for woodwind. The standard for strings and brass is approx. Grade 6+, for woodwind it is Grade 8. Anyone who wishes to join the orchestra can try out with us with a free first session – we do not audition. You can also join our Deps register by contacting us using the form below or email.


2nd Oboe – ideally with Cor Anglais

First Violins (should be approaching G8 standard, able to position shift across 3 octaves confidently and use a range of bowing techniques)

Second violins (should be able to play in 1st and 3rd positions, and use bow to play staccato, spiccato and sustained styles)

Violas (should be able to read tenor and treble clef and demonstrate skills as for second violin)

Cellos – strong sense of rhythm and an ability to work the length of the fingerboard are important for chamber music, and to play section solos in romantic music.

If you are interested in joining the orchestra please contact us by email at or via the contact form.

Some of the wind section during a Thursday evening rehearsal